Best Cars To Scrap For Metal

Posted By Wade Morrison on Feb 26, 2018 | 0 comments

Want to get some cash for the metal of your car, but not sure if your car is going to be worth it? After speaking to Melbourne’s top cash for cars service and doing some research and we have four of the best cars that can be scrapped for metal and parts.


The most popular car company in Australia. If you have a Ford in your driveway and you want to sell it for parts or metal, you’ll get a range of suitors lining up. With so many Fords on the road, dealers are always looking for the next best part. With that, you will have an array of people you can negotiate with – and with that – more chances to sell the parts of your Ford.


You shouldn’t ignore the popular vehicles that come from the Toyota company. This Asian-made vehicles can be seen anywhere on the road, so when it comes to selling their parts and scrap metal, you will not be shocked when you get a good price. The parts can be reused over and again, so if you are thinking of selling your Toyota for scrap metal, don’t flinch: you’ll get a good price on it. There are a range of Toyota wreckers in Geelong, who can help you with all your Toyota scraping issues.


Following from the likes of Ford, Holden is the other big Australian car company that is great when it comes to scrapping for parts, pieces and metal. This is because, much like Ford, there are hundreds of thousands of Holden vehicles out on the road today. That means, people want secondhand parts and pieces for their vehicles. So if you have a Holden-made vehicle, take a step back and remember that you can get good money for its parts and metal.

European Models 

While not as popular as Australian models, you cannot ignore that European cars are valuable on the market. For everytime one of these breaks down and needs a piece, mechanics and owners go looking for a second-hand model, so if you think that European cars are too good to be scrapped think again. The likes of BMW, Audi, Lexus, Mercedes Benz and Fiat are popular models for many people, so the option to have back-up parts and pieces is essential. You cannot go past the potential that scrapping these cars can help with your hip-pocket!

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