Are you looking to get rid of your old, broken down used car, but found yourself stuck between choosing between a range of cash for car companies? It might be super difficult for you to choose one over another, so we are here to help with this blog post on the key measurements to choose between cash for car companies. For auto auctions Sydney ,Call us today.

If they take your vehicle from you

While there is a mantra that cash for car companies are going to take any vehicle or metal scrap from you, some companies only focus on certain models (like toyota cars for cash in Melbourne) or vehicles for their business. Some even focus on certain car parts. At the end of the day, they might not even think that your car is worth the value, so why take it to you in the end? First thing is first: if they take your car, then you know the first step is done in your mission on comparing and finding a company.

Years in the industry

Just like any industry, experience plays a vital part. The more you have of it, the more you know what to do, the more you understand the market, the more you can handle everything that comes your way. The same applies to a cash for car company: the more experience they have, the more they understand the market and the better service they can offer you. Look out for the cash for car company with the most experience available to you.

Offer for your vehicle

If someone offered you $500, while another offered you $400, which offer are going to take? There is no questioning which one it is going to be. But what happens if someone offers $500, but charges you $150 for fees, and the other offers $400, but no fees? Which one is it going to be? Comparing others is vital when it comes to deciding which cash for car company you’re going to choose at the end of the day!

Additional services they provide

Why most cash for companies offer the same typical service for everyone, there are a few that are willing go a little further for you. And when we mean further, we are talking about the likes of free removal, free pick-up and free toiling. Some companies try to make that little bit more money by charging their clients for these little things that most companies offer for free, especially if you live far from the business’ location. Other services might include them offering you cash for certain parts of your vehicle, scraps here and there, as well as crushing your car (if that is something you’re into). For more information on additional services, contact us today.

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When it comes to getting rid of a vehicle, most people think that there are only two options: selling it yourself privately or negotiating with a dealership. But there is a third way: that of visiting a cash for car company or a scrap metal dealer. Two different names, but both under the same umbrella in how they work.

Many people don’t know about these companies because they are not common knowledge and don’t exactly promote themselves too often. Yet, they are a vital component to the car and mechanic market. So how do they work? Here is a beginner’s guide for you:

How They Work?

The basic premise of a cash for car company is to trade cash for your vehicle. They will provide you with a quote based on a host of factors (such as vehicle age, condition and others) and if you agree with it, they will come and collect your car for free – and pay you the cash!

What Is The Process?

As we mentioned above: it is merely the simple trade of cash for cars. There is a simple process in which most of these cars go by, so we are going to lay it out for you below:

  • You contact them and provide them with all the key details of your vehicle, including make, model, condition, year and kilometres driven

  • They will provide you with a firm quote on the value of the car.

  • You either take it or leave it

  • If you accept it, provide them with an address for the removal of your car across Melbourne 

  • They come, check it up to see if it matches your claims

  • If they are happy with it, they pay you for it or negotiate a new deal

  • You take the cash; they take the car

What To Look For In A Company

There are many factors to consider when it comes to finding a cash for car company that is going to take your vehicle. Below is a list of things that you have to consider:

  • If they take your vehicle

  • How much they will give for your vehicle

  • If they will come and get your vehicle

By comparing these three factors between cash for car companies, you will be able to find the best person for the job. Look out for them and keep the hunt going until you have the right company for you. For more information on looking for a cash for car company, contact us now and speak to us today.

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So you are looking to sell your car and have come across a cash for car company. You might be thinking: how do they work and what makes them so special? This blog has all the answers on why when it comes to selling your car, you should consider these guys:

Easy Service & No Dramas!

Imagine all the drama you will have to face when it comes to selling your privately or do a car dealership? It does not end! But with a cash for junk cars specialist, that hassle is gone. How so? Here is how simple it is:

  • You call the expert

  • You tell them about the make, model, year and condition of your vehicle

  • They offer you a price for your vehicle

  • You agree or don’t, it’s up to you

  • If you do, they come to your location, pay you and take it off your hands!

So, how simple and stress free is that?

Take All Your Vehicles

There is no preference when it comes to cash for car expert, they just want a vehicle with four wheels so they can rip apart and sell off the scraps. So regardless of what car or vehicle you have in your garage, a cash for car professional will take it off your hands. So if you are looking for cash for trucks in Melbourne, then just pick up the phone and find the best company in your area!

Free Pick-Up Service!

When it comes to selling your vehicle, you might have to end up having to remove the vehicle from your place yourself. But with a cash for car operator, part of their service includes a free car removal service. They will come to your location and remove your vehicle – for free! There is no extra fees or charges when it comes to removing your vehicle from your property. In fact, they will go out of their way (and out of their area) to get it off your hands.

Straight Cash In Your Hands!

Is there anything better than getting straight cash in your hands? That is what you will get when it comes to a cash for car expert! These people deal in cash only and will be happy to pay cash for your vehicle. You won’t have to worry about dealing with cheques or the banks. It is straight hand off with cash. Simple, not taxing and fun!

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Is your car stuck in the middle of the driveway? Having problems starting the engine or worried that you can’t get the check-up you need? Well, maybe it is time you call a mobile mechanic.

Yes, we understand the concern about calling a mobile mechanic. But this blog is here to convince you otherwise. We have three awesome reasons for why, when you’re stuck in trouble, you can reach out and speak to a mobile mechanic!

You Can Get Help On The Spot 

We are going to start with the number one benefit of a mobile mechanic: they will be able to help you on the spot. Whether you are stuck in the middle of nowhere or stuck in your driveway at home, you will be able to get the help you need. All you have to do is call the mechanics and they will help you when you need it the most.

A Range Of Services Available 

People think that a mobile mechanic can’t offer much when they come to help you. That is the furthest thing from the truth. Thanks to a loaded up van, filled with the latest technology and tools, you will be able to get access to a range of different services, including:

  • Replacing of oils (engine & brake)

  • A safety check on your vehicle

  • A comprehensive report on your car

  • Battery work and replacement

  • Work on the air filter, spark plugs and more

  • Tyre work

  • And even towing (if you need it)

So if you think that you are limited when calling a mobile mechanic, think again! You’ll have access to a wave of services when you need it the most!

Repairs When You Need Them The Most 

As we touched on above, with a mobile mechanic, you will find yourself getting help when you need it the most, but the key one is that you will be able to get repairs when you’re stuck. There is nothing worse than finding yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere, not able to get help and needing some repairs on the spot. But with a mobile mechanic, you can get all the repairs you want.

Who Can You Call? 

While there is a field of mobile mechanics available on the market, we recommend speaking to the experts at Acetune. We have used them before and they are the leading mobile car mechanic in Melbourne. If you are ever in trouble in Melbourne, pick up the phone and give them a call – they’ll race down to meet you before you know it!

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Best Cars To Scrap For Metal

Posted By on Feb 26, 2018

Want to get some cash for the metal of your car, but not sure if your car is going to be worth it? After speaking to Melbourne’s top cash for cars service and doing some research and we have four of the best cars that can be scrapped for metal and parts.


The most popular car company in Australia. If you have a Ford in your driveway and you want to sell it for parts or metal, you’ll get a range of suitors lining up. With so many Fords on the road, dealers are always looking for the next best part. With that, you will have an array of people you can negotiate with – and with that – more chances to sell the parts of your Ford.


You shouldn’t ignore the popular vehicles that come from the Toyota company. This Asian-made vehicles can be seen anywhere on the road, so when it comes to selling their parts and scrap metal, you will not be shocked when you get a good price. The parts can be reused over and again, so if you are thinking of selling your Toyota for scrap metal, don’t flinch: you’ll get a good price on it. There are a range of Toyota wreckers in Geelong, who can help you with all your Toyota scraping issues.


Following from the likes of Ford, Holden is the other big Australian car company that is great when it comes to scrapping for parts, pieces and metal. This is because, much like Ford, there are hundreds of thousands of Holden vehicles out on the road today. That means, people want secondhand parts and pieces for their vehicles. So if you have a Holden-made vehicle, take a step back and remember that you can get good money for its parts and metal.

European Models 

While not as popular as Australian models, you cannot ignore that European cars are valuable on the market. For everytime one of these breaks down and needs a piece, mechanics and owners go looking for a second-hand model, so if you think that European cars are too good to be scrapped think again. The likes of BMW, Audi, Lexus, Mercedes Benz and Fiat are popular models for many people, so the option to have back-up parts and pieces is essential. You cannot go past the potential that scrapping these cars can help with your hip-pocket!

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There is nothing more annoying than having a car accident. Not only do you have to worry about repairing the car, but you will have to deal with the car insurance. And on top of this, you will have to deal with the hassle of finding a panel beater. But instead of worrying about that, you can continue by reading this blog. We will give you the best tips so you can find the best panel beater in your area. And to make sure that you know we are serious, we spoke to Collision Body Works – the leading panel beater in the industry. We wrote their blog on their behalf, and we repair smashed cars in Melbourne, when you need it.

Look Online

In today’s age, the first place that everyone checks for anything is the internet. So what is where you should start. But you will find yourself with panel beaters that use the best marketing techniques to get themselves ahead of the competition, but it doesn’t mean they are actually the best in their field. To get around this, you have to conduct in-depth research that goes beyond Google rankings. Check online reviews – through Google and Facebook – and see their overall reception online to determine if they are best panel beater.

Ask The Insurance Company

Okay – we know what you’re thinking: how can you ask your own insurance company? Surely, they will just hand you over to anyone. Well, that is not the case. Insurance companies have a long list of panel beaters that can help you with all your repairs and work. They will be able to get you one that is cheap, affordable and in your local area. This is what makes them a good source for you to find you a panel beater that will help you with all your needs.

Speak To Your Mechanic

Sometimes, it is best to look into the field itself by speaking to your own mechanic. Sometimes mechanics can help you with panel beating, but a lot of time, you will need to find a panel beater that is a specialist in the field. Ask your mechanic about if they know a beater that is of the highest order and will deliver on all your repairs and requests. They know people in the industry and before you think they will send it to anyone: they need to get a reputation if they provide you with best panel beating service in Altona North. So go and ask your mechanic first if they can do it for you.

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Are you looking for toyota spare parts in Melbourne. we’ve got you covered. For best car parts in Melbourne, get in touch with us today.
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